Choosing a Roofer

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Taken from RCABC
After selecting your roof, the next step is choosing a roofing contractor. This is an important step in the process and should not be taken lightly.
It is important to do your homework since not all contractors are alike. Some are more committed to their workmanship and after sales service than others. Some may have better trained installers. There may even be contractors on shaky financial ground who will not survive long enough to provide the roofer's warranty service.
A contractor who stands behind his work typically has a good reputation in the community and want to keep that reputation by ensuring his customers are satisfied. Take whatever time is necessary to select the right contractor. Having the right contractor can make a big difference.

Accessing the qualifications of roofing contractors:
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have WCB coverage?
  • Do they have the appropriate licences for your community? (Ask to see written proof)
  • Will they give you the names and phone numbers of some of their customers you may call for a reference?
  • Do they have a satisfactory record with your local Better Business Bureau?
  • Are they willing to put all agreements, promises and understandings in writing?
  • Will they provide a bank reference?

The Contractor Agreement

Make sure that all agreements and promises from the contractor are put into writing. Having this information in writing protects you and your investment. It allows you to see what the contractor plans to do with your home, what he will charge to do the work and if wil provide a written warranty on his workmanship. It is important that you retain this and any other information given to you by the contractor. When reviewing the agreement with the contractor, make sure to address some of the important point below to your mutual satisfaction.

  • A detailed contractor's warranty on his workmanship including appearance of the finished job, length of the warranty and how problems will be handled.
  • An accurate description of the shake or shingle and other roofing products to be installed.  
  • Timeliness of starting and completing the work.
  • Price.
  • Payment terms and conditioins.
  • Verbal discussions pertaining to the job should be put into a written contract.